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Data Centre Infrastructure Management or DCIM

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Data Center Infrastructure Management or DCIM refers to the point of convergence between IT and the functions of the building facilities. DCIM initiative is generally aimed at providing the operators or administrators of datacenters with a holistic view of the performance of the data center in order to ensure the efficiency of use of the datacenter’s floor space, energy and equipment.


In the beginning, the concept of Data Centre Infrastructure Management was simply a component of the building information software that was used by managers of the facilities in order to develop digital schematic diagrams about the facilities which they were managing. With the use of DCIM tools, it is possible to bring these similar capabilities into the modern datacenters and these allow the administrators of these facilities to collate, store and also perform analysis of data that pertains to the power and cooling requirements of the facility. A lot of these DCIM tools allow for managers to print out diagrams or schematics of their facilities. This is an especially important capability when maintenance is being carried out in the building by the administrators of the facility or when the managers need to carry out installation of new equipment.

With the use of the DCIM tools, administrators will be able to easily look for and also identify the relationships which exist between the facility building and the IT systems installed in the building. For example, it is possible for administrators to install energy sensors along with supporting hardware on all points of the facility’s power infrastructure. Such capability will allow the DCIM software in the datacenters to accurately aggregate and analyze the data centre’s facility’s power usage effectiveness or PUE. It will also be able to analyze the efficiency of the facility’s cooling system.

Organizations use DCIM along with various other technologies in order to optimize system placement and the air flow in the system. The end result is that these organizations are able to reduce their costs. For example, coupling computational fluid dynamics with DCIM will result in the reduction of the cooling expenses.  In the datacenter parlance, this is called continuous modeling which allows network engineers and operators to quantify the causes and effects of changes in the infrastructure before any investments are made in the changes.

DCIM has contributed towards the transformation of IT ecosystems. It integrates a host of functions including the management of the physical infrastructure, systems management and facilities management. A true DCIM solution can help organizations in managing various challenges such as energy management, availability management, asset management and risk management. It can also help in managing IT automation, service management and supply chain management.

The world of the datacenter management is seeing increasing convergence and for most facilities, the physical layer of the data infrastructure serves as a single point of entry in ensuring operational dependency of IT infrastructure. DCIM offers a natural solution for this need for convergence in the infrastructure. Most data centres are now treating the physical layer with same importance as the logical layer and convergence through DCIM makes this possible.

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Types of Scanners Every Artist Should Know

Types of Scanners Every Artist Should Know

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Whether you are a graphic designer, art appraiser, archivist, or a photo editor, a scanner is an important machine that you cannot afford to miss. They are available in all shapes and sizes. Besides, when your scanner develops a problem, you can simply consult reliable companies for scanner repairs in Sydney.

scanner repairs in Sydney

While scanners come with varying features, they often have one thing in common: to capture an image and convert it into a digital layout. The digital plan of the image, text, or artwork then becomes easy to copy, store, and to view in different sizes and types of monitors. To that end, scanners perform important functions and fortunately, you can always find a reliable technician for scanner repairs in Sydney to deal with any technical problem.

When you shop for a scanner, it is important to arm yourself with adequate information about it. As a buyer, you should know how to assess the features of a scanner and ask the right questions to lead you to the right machine. Once you are familiar with the technical terms, you can find it easy to tell the difference between different models in the market.

Uses of a Scanner

As noted earlier, a scanner performs a wide range of functions. For example, you can use the machine for business, personal, or academic tasks. Common activities with a scanner include saving images to a digital library, digitizing photos, storing important information in digital format. In Sydney, if your scanner breaks down, you can easily get assistance from reliable technicians for scanner repairs in Sydney. Knowing the types of scanners available in the market can help you make the right choice when buying.

The following are some of the types of scanners you need to know:

Flatbed Scanners

These types of scanners function in the same way as copy machines. You can use them to scan images and texts from various sizes of objects such as sheets of paper, thick volumes of books, jewelry, or flowers. The operation is relatively simple, just placing an object to be scanned on the glass plate and pressing the right button. Large format scanners are also available in the market. More information brand name: Printer repairs

Photo Scanners

Modern types of photo scanners have high-resolution image processors, which makes them produce high-quality scanned products. Common brands in the market include Epson Perfection, HP Scanjet, and Canon among others. It is advisable to consult experts for same day scanner repairs in Sydney, to help you with any breakdown. Scanners come with different capabilities based on whether they are consumer or professional models. In Australia, you can go for scanner repairs in Sydney by PRC to have all your scanner and printer problems solved in real time. You can get in touch with reliable companies for scanner repairs by visiting the website

If you plan to scan a large volume of materials, it is advisable to have a powerful scanner with a greater scanning capability. At the consumer level, you just need a standard scanner to perform simple tasks.

Monitor Your Vehicle for its Excellent Performance

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Golf Course Industry Magazine explained that people who are doing car leasing business undergo a lot of losses because some of their customers wreck the cars and repair them using unrecognized low quality parts. The customers are also reported to uproot some of the vital parts which are of high quality and replace them with low quality parts. This was highlighted in their report written on 24th January, 2017. Owing to this, it is very good for car owners to have the gps fleet monitoring software which monitor everything that happens to your car and saves the information without the car user knowing.

gps fleet monitoring software
gps fleet monitoring software

Functions of the Monitoring Software

This software works to cover all the maintenance done on the car, whether by the owner or the person using the car. the gps fleet monitoring software is therefore good to ensure that you get quick updates of what has been done to your car so that you take the necessary action to see whether what has been to it is important or meant to compromise its quality. The gps fleet monitoring software can save you a lot of money which you could have used to buy new machines and other parts; the ones people could have stolen from your car.

The scope of work of the monitoring software

Gps fleet monitoring system has the ability to show you the accidents and other road issues like punctures and overheating of the engine that your car could have undergone. The device shows you the mileage covered by the car plus the road and places your car has gone. This is very important since some drivers might cheat you on the places they have driven to. Your vehicle is tracked and all information is sent to your phone so that in the event it goes missing, you would be able to find it easily and quickly. See more at UniGuard

Do the necessary repair

Through tool tracking, your car would be safe because in the event that any part starts to malfunction, you would be notified to take your car for repair. Such notifications would help you to make the necessary services so that you don’t see emergency breakdowns on your car. The maintenance tracking and scheduling feature will let you understand when to service or maintain your car. Through the parts monitoring and system, you would be able to know what to replace and where to maintain. Gps fleet monitoring is necessary for the wellbeing of your car so that you don’t undergo unnecessary losses repairing what you don’t have to repair.

Through this monitoring tool, it would be easy for you to get the best information about your vehicle, whether you are around it or not. In the event that it meets with an accident, you would be notified through your phone so that you quickly organize for a rescue team to go and collect your car for repair. Everything is clear why people with vehicles should have this device and more so the people with companies dealing with vehicles. Installing gps fleet monitoring software is the best way to know the condition of your car wherever it goes. Visit for more information.