Receive Great Returns with Better High Speed Doors for Your Cold Room

Inefficiency in the workplace is commonplace. However, with industries such as cold storage, inefficiency can go as far as ruining products and then productivity. Usually, frost is the number one issue of cold stores. Besides incompetent supervision, inefficient doors can also be the culprits. That’s why cold room doors, such as high speed doors, are now in demand in the cold storage industry.


high speed doors
high speed doors

Frost—a Cold Store Killer

Frost has caused more headaches than other stressors did to cold store managers. It’s an expensive problem. Taking away frost takes time, especially in a spacious cold storing area facility. Productivity may also be diminished unless the employees are working harder than the average.

What’s even more infuriating is the energy cost spike, without even the freezer doing its job properly. Because the freezer works harder to convert the supposed-to-be-unwelcome air into a solid form, it also consumes more energy.

In addition, the products are being endangered to perish.

So, What’s the Solution to Lessen Frost?

As most of us know, frost is formed when moisture comes in more frequently, probably when forgetting to close the door or slow-closing doors. Moisture melts the ice, which turns to water, and then frost. Click here Hold Fast Industries for more details.

Now, you’re probably aware that moisture is inevitable because of your transit system. Besides, air is still going to be sucked inside because of the temperature difference’s negative pressure.

If you’re a cold store manager who believes your facility’s doors are not closing fast enough, you can always opt for better types of high speed doors.

Better High Speed Doors

Many products put high and speed on their products’ names but only a few really deliver; what you really want is to reduce your energy expenses effectively with a grade-A high speed doors.

How do You Know it’s a Better Product?

Looking for these key features will help you identify if you’re eyeing the right product:

  • High-Speed Efficiency – If a product demo doesn’t even reach your standards in door speed, it’s already a goner. Ask for a test closing and opening speed, and then compare it with other brands to see who’s the fastest and easiest to use.
  • High-performing Insulation Feature – As mentioned earlier, you don’t want your products to perish just because of inevitable moisture. Look for high speed doors that have at least 75-80mm thick panels made of aluminum, assuming the average temperature is 0 ℃ – 5 ℃.
  • Sustainability – Insulated cold room doors help sustain and reduce energy.

Furthermore, if ever you’re fortunate to encounter a good cold room door company, remember that investing in their quality products will boost:

  • Compliance – Every cold store business has a commitment to their clients. Each set of products must be delivered in great quality. A good cold room door helps them comply with the standards of the food service business transactions.
  • Productivity – As what’s basic in every business, the equipment is as nearly important as the employees. Without properly-working tools and equipment, productivity is more likely to suffer and morale goes down as well.
  • Efficiency – Since almost all cold room goes along with a transit department, the latter will also suffer if a cold room deteriorates. Investing in a quality door will increase efficiency and make your clients happy.

Don’t let your inefficient door prevent you from receiving great returns in your cold storage business. If you are also looking for vertical lift fabric doors and roll up doors, remember to take heed of the above mentioned to avoid overspending on mediocre cold room doors. For more details, visit at