What are Industrial Timber Shredders and Why are they an Economic Option?

Old wood and other wood related materials generated from wood production may collect in large amounts requiring processing of some sort in your facility. An industrial and high quality timber shredder offers you an economical method of reducing the size of your wood waste products. The resultant chips can then be used in dozens of applications to create valuable new products.

What are Industrial Timber Shredders?

Industrial wood shredders are large power tools used outdoor for the reduction of timber waste making disposal easy. Wood shredders come complete with chutes for feeding material in and another opening for ejecting out the material. Inside wood shredders, are semi-blunt blades (flails) used for breaking the small pieces of wood. The typical raw materials fed into industrial wood shredders include:

  • Wood pallets
  • Packing wood
  • Board cut-offs and large panels
  • Waste from carpentry applications
  • Wood waste generated by renovation and construction projects

Why are Industrial Wood Shredders an Economical Choice

During the Industrial Revolution, wood was freely used; little thought was given to the wasted bits of timber after they had outlived their usefulness. One common way of dealing with the scraps included burning, but in the last century, the bits and pieces have become major contributors to landfill.

Landfills have become overfilled, and the harmful effects on the environment are well known, timber shredders are a great alternative for anyone looking at lowering the waste generated. Instead of you having to fork out money for the disposal of the waste, it is more profitable if you could repurpose the waste into a useful commodity.

An industrial and high quality timber shredder is an economical option for many reasons, especially after comparing with the alternatives. For example, for a large industrial scenario, the labor and energy required to haul away your lumber waste may be instead used to feed your machine. The result is a product that takes up less space.

Green waste generated by timber shredders take up about a third of the original form’s volume. The direct result is a considerable reduction in the number of trips required in your operation saving money and time. Ultimately, timber shredding equipment will transform an economic bad into an economic right. If you have no immediate use of the finished product on your site, you always have a ready market demanding it. Most industrial timber shredder owners are easily able to offset the maintenance expense through selling the excess finished product.

Unique Applications of Wood Shredding Finished Products

Products from wood shredding machines are primarily used in landscaping as mulch. The material produced can conserve water by slow absorption, building soil fertility and controlling weeds. Apart from gardening, mulch is also used in the composting process.

Another application of recycled organic material is as a biomass fuel. When oven-dried, the finished product is highly combustible and can be used in coal-fired power plants. Other miscellaneous purposes for the generated pellets include use as animal bedding in farms and playgrounds. This is because the material has shock absorbing properties.

When dealing with a sizeable operation, an industrial and high quality timber shredder can be a money and time saver in the long run. It transforms timber scraps in your demolition or construction site into composition that’s easy to transport and thus is much more efficient.