Are you experiencing limited functionality of your appliances as well as your lighting fixtures? Does your circuit breaker trip every time you use the microwave, blender, and refrigerator all at the same time? If you are observing these along with flickering lights then you may be experiencing a switchboard problem which can persistunless you do a security light installation perth.

Need for switchboard upgrade perth

Unless you get an experienced electrician to check your switchboards, you will never know how outdated or even unsuitable your home switchboards are. Flickering lights, low functionality of appliances and unreliable electrical usage at home could mean that your existing switchboards are no longer adequate to supply you with efficient power supply.

This can pose a big problem for your household especially if you rely on technology to live your life. Think of computers, smart televisions, cellphones, ipads, and all other electrically-powered devices and you can imagine how overworked your switchboards can be. But why suffer from the thought of experiencing inefficient service from your gadgets when you can get the services of 24 hour emergency electrician perth to check out your switchboards?

If you own an old home but live the life of a modern man, then it is time to consider upgrading your power system and considering the benefits of security light installation perth. But first, you must choose a professional electrician or a company that will make sure your switchboard does not go haywire.

About Us

Limelight Electrix is a West Australian company that has been servicing Perth’s lighting and electrical needs since 2008. The company has developed a loyal following not only in the domestic but also in the commercial and industrial fronts because of the professional service it has provided through the years.

This electrical firm takes pride in employing only well-trained and experienced professionals who can provide comprehensive services that are at par with industry standards. Its goal is to provide its customers with faultless, reliable, timely and quality services at all times. The company’s membership with NECA as well as NECA Safe is a guarantee of its reputable and high-quality service whenever you need immediate after hours electrician perth.


Limelight Electrix offer a variety of service to ensure you enjoy efficient security light installation perth including the following:

  • Electrical Services
  • Lighting Services
  • Hot Water Services

Light switches can make or break the efficiency of any home or office. These switches should be installed in strategic areas where they can be easily and conveniently accessed at all times. Lights may be necessary in every structure but there are times when you need to regulate its intensity. When it comes to this, the best solution would be the installation of a light dimmer which the company can efficiently do for you.

The company’s professional electricians are also capable of inspecting and providing a solution to a variety of power problems including malfunctioning safety switches, lights that do not emit the expected intensity and weak power.

Electricity is an important concern so make sure you immediately get the services of a professional electrician when confronted with power challenges. More often than not, it will only take the experienced eye of an electrician to make your power supply efficient and reliable again.